Complaint against a police officer

What are the various ways to file a complaint against a police officer?

There are two systems for complaints against police officers:

  1. Citizens may file a complaint with the police ethics system. This system is governed by the Police Act and its aim is to ensure the protection of the public in their dealings with police officers.
  2. The SPVM can also conduct an internal investigation in certain cases under the Règlement sur la discipline interne des policiers et policières de la Ville de Montréal (internal discipline regulation of Ville de Montréal police officers). The objective of this regulation is to determine police officer duties and standards of conduct to ensure the effectiveness, quality of service and respect of authority of officers.

It should be specified that when a citizen files a police ethics complaint, the SPVM provides follow-up of this complaint jointly with the police ethics Commissioner. The SPVM also ensures that the police officer did not commit any disciplinary infraction.

Based on the situation, an investigation under the Criminal Code may be conducted on the same file, even if there is an ethics or internal complaint underway.

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