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The SPVM's 32 local police stations have close relationships with the populations in the neighbourhoods.  They are under command units and each belongs to one of the four divisions (North, South, East, West) that combine the local police stations. Two units also offer direct support to the public. This is an airport unit that is under the West area, and the Métro (subway) unit that is part of the specialized patrol service.

Services offered

Services offered

The 32 local police stations offer a number of local services that can vary from one neighbourhood to the next, in order to properly respond to local issues and specific needs of citizens. ...

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Who does what in my local police station?

Who does what in my local police station?

The members of both the police and civilian staff have specialized functions and may, for example, work on aspects related to patrol, prevention, community relations, investigations, road safety and resolving specific criminal or social issues...

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The approach

The approach

The local police station's objective is to better combat the safety issues specific to each area. This allows for a strengthening of its community ties through an approach based on solving problems, building partnerships and on a greater openness toward community groups.

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