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Bill 78 and Bylaw P-6 (prevention of breaches of the peace, public order and safety)

May 19, 2012, 8:47 PM

The SPVM encourages anyone who is affected by Bill 78 or Bylaw P-6 and who wishes to either support or denounce them to do so in an orderly fashion.  Everyone involved in the student demonstrations (organizers, demonstrators, residents, police officers, etc.) must work together to uphold public safety and security. Democracy must be exercised without clashes to avoid unfortunate incidents. Troublemakers should be excluded from the demonstrations so that those who wish to make themselves heard can do so peacefully.

Demonstrations must be orderly and all demonstrators must obey the laws and bylaws:

1. Demonstrations are permitted in the territory of Montréal.

2.  On May 18, however, the Québec Government passed Bill 78 obliging any individual, organization or group that organizes a demonstration with more than 50 participants to take the appropriate measures to ensure that the demonstration meets the following condition:

  • Provide, in writing, not less than eight hours in advance, the date, time, duration, venue and, if applicable, route of the demonstration.

Otherwise the organizers may be called before the courts and fined. Furthermore, if an association or federation takes part in a demonstration, it will be held responsible for the demonstration and for upholding Bill 78.

The Ville de Montréal has amended its bylaw on the prevention of breaches of the peace, public order and safety (P-6). Under the amended bylaw :

1)         it is prohibited for anyone to participate in a demonstration (assembly, parade or gathering) with their face covered, such as by a scarf, hood or mask.

2)         it is mandatory to disclose the location and itinerary of a demonstration to the police.

3)         the amount of the fine has risen from $100 to $500.

The SPVM will enforce Bill 78 and Bylaw P-6 with respect, transparency, and discernment. The SPVM will continue to specifically target the troublemakers and will adapt its intervention methods accordingly. At the same time, the SPVM also wants to reiterate to all demonstrators the importance of following any safety instructions that are given to them during demonstrations, for their own safety and for the safety of the general public.

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