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18 september 2014

Call for vigilance – Prevention of Residential Break-ins

The police officers from the Service à la communauté de la région Ouest of the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (...)

17 july 2014

Invitation to an activity in Côte Saint-Luc

Citizens of Côte Saint-Luc are invited to a barbecue and a genivelo (...)

09 july 2014

Job Posting : school crossing guard on-call

Local police station 24 and 44 are looking for school crossing guards (...)

04 july 2014

PDQ 4 : Mondial de soccer de Montréal 2014

Our third season of soccer has started since the 11th of June and will finish on the 13th of (...)

02 may 2014

Job Posting : school crossing guard on-call

PDQ 11 is looking for on-call school crossing (...)

30 april 2014

100% safety campaign : SPVM steps up efforts to improve pedestrian safety

As part of the 100% safety pedestrian safety campaign, the officers of the SPVM will hold a variety of prevention and control activities, from April (...)

04 april 2014

PDQ 26 - Invitation to a foot patrol

In the scope of the project to promote the Côte-des-Neiges artery, the CDN/NDG Community Economic Development Corporation and foot patrol officers (...)

04 april 2014

The SPVM takes part in Operation Cell Phone and Distracted Driving

For the cell phone and distracted driving operation, officers from the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) held a blitz on Tuesday, (...)

04 april 2014

100% safety campaign : Invitation to Operation Active Lighting for Cyclists. PDQ 4 passes out free white and red lights

The police officers at Station 4 will be happy to give you a white front light and a red back light for free, to make sure you have the active (...)

28 february 2014

News from PDQ 1

The police from Poste de quartier (PDQ) 1 and investigators from the SPVM west region are trying to identify one or more suspects who were running a (...)

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