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Livre d’Or de la jeunesse

The "Livre d'Or de la jeunesse" is a tool created by the SPVM to celebrate and congratulate young people whose extraordinary actions make them stand out among their peers.

Teachers and youth intervention workers are invited to contact their local agents sociocommunautaires to find out more or submit nominations for the "Livre d'Or de la jeunesse."

Meet our 2012 Livre d'Or signatories

Nassima Bensahnoun
A young woman to be counted on.

On August 2, 2012, a serious traffic accident involving a 15-year-old cyclist took place at the intersection of Prieur and Belleville in Montréal-nord. The cyclist, hit by a car, had violently banged his head against the windshield.

Nassima Bensahnoun, 15, who was working as a lifeguard at a nearby wading pool, saw the whole accident unfold. She immediately grabbed her first aid kit and made her way to the scene of the accident, hoping that with her first aid training, she could be of help to the victim. When she saw the young man on the ground, she quickly realized he might have a fractured back or spinal column. She asked a passerby to help immobilize his head, and then she talked to him, reassuring him and cleaning his wounds. When the first responders arrived, Nassima clearly identified the injuries she had noted, speeding up their task. As soon as the young man’s care was handed over to the first responders, Nassima approached the driver of the car to reassure her and make sure she had not been injured.

This young woman clearly has an extraordinary ability to stay calm under pressure and an exceptional sense of initiative for her age. Faced with a serious and distressing situation, she stayed focused and displayed a great deal of professionalism. Her presence of mind, her dedication and her efficiency greatly impressed the police officers who answered the emergency call.

This is why the SPVM officers and especially those in PDQ 39 want to honour Nassima Bensahnoun in the “Livre d’Or de la jeunesse,” by inviting her to join the other exceptional youth who have signed it. The SPVM wants to congratulate Nassima, who is a source of inspiration for the youth of Montréal.  

Signed on September 4, 2012, at the Quartier général du SPVM, at 1441, rue St-Urbain in Montréal, in the presence of Marc Parent, director of the SPVM.

The SPVM honours young anti-violence ambassadors 


On June 16, 2012, at the annual wrap-up of the Unité sans violence (Non-Violence Squad) project, the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) celebrated the extraordinary contributions of 18 young people by inviting them to sign the Livre dOr de la jeunesse

These young people “walked the talk” by showing respect and having a positive influence every day. The SPVM paid tribute to their remarkable efforts by inviting them to join the other extraordinary youth who have signed the Livre dOr de la jeunesse.

This year, 1,200 students from 30 elementary schools in Montréal in 13 different neighbourhood police districts took part in the project. Of these, one student per school, selected by their peers for the exemplary behaviour, was invited to take part in a celebratory breakfast.

Signed June 16, 2012, in Montréal, in the presence of Marc Guérin from SPVM.

Viviana et le directeur Marc Parent

Viviana Lerebours
At just 5 years old, she knew what do to

On January 9, 2012, Viviana Lerebours, age 5, was home alone with her mother when she collapsed to the floor feeling ill. Seeing her mother unwell and immobile, little Viviana quickly understood the urgency of the situation. She dialled 911 to call for help, just as her mother had taught her.

The little girl explained that her mother was in pain and was having trouble breathing. She then gave her address and phone number to the dispatcher and went to unlock the front door to let the ambulance technicians inside. Her mother was taken to the hospital for treatment and is now fully recovered.

Viviana clearly kept her head and showed a remarkable sense of initiative for her age. Facing a frightening situation with no one to guide her, she managed to stay calm and demonstrate a great sense of responsibility.

This is why the SPVM has decided to enter Viviana’s remarkable actions in the Livre d’Or de la jeunesse and invite her to join the many exceptional youths who have signed it. The officers of the SPVM, and especially those from PDQ 42, want to congratulate Viviana.

Signed February 8, 2012, at the SPVM Quartier général, Montréal, in the presence of Marc Parent, director of the SPVM.

Julliano et le directeur Marc Parent

Julliano Réa-Mailloux
A considerate young man we’d all love to have as a neighbour

On December 12, 2011, around 1 p.m., Julliano Réa-Mailloux was on his way to the hairdresser to get his hair cut. On entering the shop, however, he realized that no one was there. He checked the opening hours and realized that the shop was actually closed. Knowing that the shop door was unlocked and the business could be robbed, Julliano decided to call 911.

The call distributor asked him to wait at the hairdresser’s for the police to arrive. By 2:30, with the police still not there, Julliano decided to try to contact the shop owner himself. He found her number on a desk and called her to explain the situation. Around 3 o’clock, two hours after Julliano’s arrival, the police and the owner arrived. They met Julliano and saw that the door had not been properly locked. Luckily, there had been no theft from the business.

Julliano showed an excellent sense of responsible citizenship by protecting the business. He acted responsibly and honestly, demonstrating keen judgment, a quick mind and lots of patience. His vigilance and kindness helped prevent the commission of a crime.

This is why the SPVM has decided to enter Julliano’s remarkable actions in the Livre d’Or de la jeunesse and invite him to join the many exceptional youths who have signed it. The officers of the SPVM, and especially those from PDQ 48, extend their congratulations to him. He is truly a source of inspiration for the youth of Montréal.

Signed February 8, 2012, at the SPVM Quartier général, Montréal, in the presence of Marc Parent, director of the SPVM.

2011 Livre d'Or signatories

Photo de groupe : Projet Mini-poste 2011
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« Mini-poste » Project

On June 20, 2011, at the end of the fifth “Mini-Poste” project, the Service de police de la Villede Montréal (SPVM) marked the exceptional efforts of the 30 youth who took part in the project by inviting them to sign the Livre d’Or de la jeunesse.

The goal of the “Mini-poste” project is to prevent youth aged 10 to 12 years old in the Côte-des-Neiges borough from joining street gangs, by helping them acquire positive personal skills and a sense of civic responsibility. Piloted by PDQ 26 and its partners, the project also seeks to create bonds of trust with these young people and demystify police work, through a series of police immersion activities.

The 30 young people who were honoured demonstrated very noteworthy progress. Since joining the project, they have exhibited a steady improvement in their self-control and behaviour toward society. These 30 new recruits are now part of an elite group of 159 youth who are all members of the “Mini-poste” project.

The SPVM wanted to call attention to these youths’ determination and efforts for self-improvement by inviting them to sign the Livre d’Or de la jeunesse.

Photo de groupe : Unité sans violence 2011
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2011 Unité sans violence, Exprimez-vous! project - SPVM honours youth ambassadors of non-violence

On June 18, 2011, at the end of the 2011 Non-Violence Squad project, the Service de police de la Villede Montréal (SPVM) celebrated the extraordinary contributions of 38 young people by inviting them to sign the Livre d’Or de la jeunesse

The “Unité sans violence” or Non-Violence Squad project, piloted by the Section enquêtes multidisciplinaires et coordination jeunesse dela Région Sud, encourages young people to become ambassadors of non-violence. This year, 2,058 students from 38 elementary schools in 14 PDQs across Montréal participated in the project.  Of these, one participant from each school, selected by their peers for exemplary behaviour, was honoured at a special breakfast.

These young people were as good as their word, demonstrating respect for others and serving as a positive influence every day. For this reason the SPVM wanted to call attention to their remarkable commitment by inviting them to join the other extraordinary youth who have signed the Livre d’Or de la jeunesse.


2010 Livre d'Or signatories

2010 « Unité sans violence, Exprimez-vous! » project

About 2,700 pupils from 50 elementary schools around Montréal, in the territories of 16 different neighbourhood stations, took part in the 2010 Unité sans violence project.  A number of these young people showed particular promise, and one pupil per school was identified by their peers for making a special effort to reduce violence in their school. 

These young people were as good as their word, showing respect and being a positive influence every day. To reward the involvement, perseverance, openness and personal commitment of these young Montrealers, a special breakfast was held in their honour. 

The non-violence ambassadors signed the "Livre d'Or de la jeunesse" on June 12, in the presence of Denis Desroches, assistant director of the Service à la communauté de la Région Sud and officer Manon Vouligny, the project coordinator. Their names join the list of other exceptional young people who have signed the book.

We extend our congratulations to all these young people, who are a great source of inspiration and proof positive of the constructive potential of the youth of Montréal.


A young man who was not afraid to get wet!

La voiture accidentée à Côte Saint-Luc © CTVOn October 18th, 2009, 17 year-old Martin Benko was walking his dog in Cote St-Luc. Suddenly, he heard a deafening noise and noticed that the fence of a home had been smashed and that smoke was billowing from the area. Martin immediately ran to the area and noticed that a car was submerged in a swimming pool with a person trapped within.

In spite of the cold temperature and buoyed by only his courage, the young man jumped into the water and attempted to free the driver. Unable to open the doors of the vehicle, Martin used a stone to break a window and succeeded, with extreme effort, to pull the man out through the window

The victim, in respiratory distress, was then helped by paramedics. The accident was caused by an elderly man who had fainted at the wheel of his vehicle. 

Martin Benko et Yvan DelormeThere is no doubt that without the levelheadedness, diligence, perseverance and the courage of Martin Benko, this incident would have had a tragic ending. Martin has now been added to the list of men and women of action who react swiftly and effectively in precarious situations. He is a devoted young person, someone to count on, who has saved someone's life.

It is with great pleasure that the police officers of the SPVM unite with Mr. Abraham Grauer and his family to praise the exceptional character Martin's actions displayed.

2009 Livre d'Or signatories

27 young people honoured for the "United Without Violence" Project.

27 élèves d'écoles primaires de Montréal se sont démarqués grâce au projet Unité sans violence

We are proud to draw attention to the exceptional contributions of 27 young people who took part in the "United Without Violence: Express yourself!" project and who displayed dedication through their involvement, perseverance, openness and their personal commitment.

Approximately 1,800 students, from 27 Montreal elementary schools located in 7 postes de quartier, took part in the project. Among the many participants, many distinguished themselves and one student from every participating school was identified by their peers to have particularly contributed in a decrease in violence at their school. 

Let us highlight, for example:

  • their constant support by wearing their shirts throughout the year
  • respecting their commitment to nonviolent behaviour
  • their capacity to be react appropriately when confronted with a situation involving violence
  • their ability to notice and highlightpositive behavioural changes in their peers
  • their positive influence on their peers, in order to decrease violence around them.

In June 2009, a reward luncheon was organized in their honour. These ambassadors of non-violence kept their word by showing how young people can show respect and have a positive influence on a daily basis.

We make a point of congratulating these young people who are a source of inspiration and confirm the positive contribution of Montreal youth.


A young peace mediator

In October, 2008, 12 year-old Marquis Perez-Michel, volunteered as a student peace mediator at the Saint-Noël-Chabanel school, within the formation of a mediation project by his peers. His main responsibility was to encourage peaceful behaviour, by helping the students to regulate their conflicts in the schoolyard during recess.

Marquis distinguished himself from his fellow students with his rigor, maturity, devotion, positive attitude and his great sense of responsibility. In addition, he showed openness, exceptional motivation and absolute commitment to help his peers.

The police officers of Poste de quartier 30 and their partners made a point of congratulating him and made him sign the youth Livre d'Or at his school in June 2009. Congratulations to Marquis, who is an excellent example for others to follow because he improves the quality of life of other young people.


Illustration contest "A World Without Racism"

Mouna signant le Livre d'OrWithin the agenda of the Action Week Against Racism,which took place from the 12th to 22nd of March, 2009, seventeen 6th year elementary schools in N.D.G. took part in the "A world without racism" drawing contest.

The goal of this contest was to generate some contemplation on a future without racism to facilitate the transition of students into secondary in a multicultural context. The students of PDQ 11 demonstrated their visions of a world without racism with songs, drawings, slogans or a poem.

At the end of this contest, the "Au-Délà du Racisme " Organization's Grand Prize winner was chosen from among the 300 participating students.

And so it is with great pride that theService de police de la Ville de Montréal honours the exceptional work from 11 year-old Mouna Zghoumi, of the MuslimSchool of Montreal.

As her creation clearly demonstrates, this young girl has distinguished herself from her peers by showing a delicate sensitivity, openness and remarkable level of maturity. There is no doubt that Mouna is an ambassadress of peace and tolerance who believes in the richness of Montréal's cultural diversity.

2008 Livre d'Or signatories

In 2008, three young people demonstrated exceptional presence of mind, quick-wittedness and unusual courage. In their own way, they have each become a source of inspiration for others and shown the positive contributions that the youth of Montreal can make to life in our city. For this reason the SPVM  wants to officially recognize their bravery and introduce them to the public. 

 Samantha Garcia

Yvan Delorme et Polinours entourent Samantha et sa maman

On March 4, 2008, when little Samantha Ascencio Garcia was only 3 years and 10 months old, her mother suddenly fainted in their home. Samantha and her little 13-month-old sister were home alone with their mother at the time. 

Samantha demonstrated remarkable presence of mind and great initiative by managing, after several attempts, to contact 9-1-1 using her mother's cell phone. Samantha explained to the agent that her mother was sick and could not talk. Then Samantha went several times to bang on the wall adjoining the neighbour's apartment, calling for help. After hearing the child's calls, the neighbours came to the door and gave first aid to Ms. Garcia, who was still unconscious. Emergency service arrived shortly afterward and took care of Ms. Garcia, who had regained consciousness after a sudden drop in blood pressure.

There is no doubt that little Samantha's reaction was extraordinary, given her young age. In a frightening situation, she showed resourcefulness, determination and perseverance. She greatly impressed all the adults involved, and she certainly deserves every ounce of her parents' great pride in her.


Florence Bruneau-Guidotti 

Yvan Delorme et Florence Bruneau-Guidotti

On May 27, 2007, Florence Bruneau-Guidotti, age 12, was with her father when he had an epileptic fit as he drove along highway 132.  The vehicle struck a cement wall and Mr. Bruneau blacked out. Florence reacted promptly by jumping on to her father's lap and taking control of the still-moving car and bringing it to a safe stop. She then called 9-1-1, giving the exact location of the vehicle, and took care of her father while she waited for help to arrive.

Despite her young age, the high stress of the situation, and her lack of experience driving, Florence demonstrated presence of mind, quick thinking and unusual courage. She took control of the situation to make sure neither her father nor other drivers got hurt. In fact, Florence may well have saved her father's life.

So it is our great pleasure to add our voices to those of her father and her family in celebrating Florence's outstanding actions. Congratulations, Florence!


 Brian Wilson

Yvan Delorme et Brian Wilson

On November 8, 2006, Brian Wilson, age 17, was in English class at Lindsay Place school.  Five students were acting out a scene from Shakespeare when one of them accidentally choked on a coin. Brian immediately realized the gravity of the situation and quickly responded by performing the Heimlich manoeuvre to dislodge the coin. Despite the high level of stress involved, Brian managed to stay calm and take decisive action, saving his classmate's life.

There is no doubt that without Brian's presence of mind, attentiveness, quick action and first-aid training, the incident could have turned into a tragedy. Brian's actions made a big difference in the life of a young man who now knows coins are best kept in pockets...

For the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal, Brian's achievement is a source of inspiration that shows how much the youth in Montreal have to offer.

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