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Studying policing techniques

 In Québec there are 12 college-level institutions that offer the policing technology program:

Students are admitted to these programs based on the admissions requirements of each institution and they study police theory for 3 years, with the opportunity to do internships. Check out the open house at your local cégep to find out more about policing.

Course titles may vary, but here are a few subjects that policing techniques programs cover:

 Police Organizations / Functions & Ethics

 Penal Matters

 Interaction with communities

 Establishing the Commission of a Crime

 Québec / Municipal Laws

 Youth Intervention

 Preventive Driving



 Control of Violent Individuals

Then the candidates who successfully complete the three-year program go on to do 15 weeks at the École nationale de Police du Québec. This key step in police training places the students in realistic work situations: they interact with people in crisis, write and submit tickets, evaluate crash scenes, arrest suspects, protect crime scenes and so on.

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