Victim of a criminal act

If you are a victim of a criminal act, you can report it. Currently and according to the level of the emergency, you may request police officer assistance by dialling 911 (emergency) or go to the nearest local police station. Certain complaints can also be filed by Internet.

After information is taken and the event validated by police officers, a police report will be done. This report will then be sent to the investigation centre in question, where it will be reviewed by the control officer. Following this review, the complaint will be categorized as "proceed with investigation" or "further investigation not recommended".

Proceed with investigation

The investigation is to "proceed" when the search for evidence allows for possible identification of the perpetrator or perpetrators on the crime. In such case, your file is sent to an investigator of the unit involved, who will proceed with the investigation and other verifications. Your cooperation is critical to concluding this investigation.

Further investigation not recommended

If the search for clues or witnesses does not identify the person or persons responsible for the offence, your file will remain inactive since currently, there is nothing to solve it. Be assured that, despite the fact that your file is not active, all the evidence will be processed and analyzed. It is possible that your file may be handled as part of a "combined" investigation. This is an investigation that combines several crimes that are similar to your file and where all the clues are assembled and examined in order to increase the chances of solving these crimes.

Consequently, if new information leads to continuing the investigation, your file will be immediately reactivated.

Regardless of how it is categorized, your file remains just as important.

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