Administrative integrity - EPIM

The SPVM’s Escouade de protection de l’intégrité municipale (EPIM) has the mandate to conduct criminal investigation with the aim to protect the administrative integrity of the 16 towns and cities comprising the agglomeration of Montréal.

In Canada, EPIM is a leader in municipal anticorruption squad.

As part of ongoing delivery of its mandate, EPIM cooperates with authorities already in place as well as various partners and stakeholders involved. As far as investigation is concerned, the squad operates both in “complaint” mode and “project” mode.

The keystone of EPIM is the professionalism of its members who are experts in corruption investigation, organized fraud, organized crime, proceeds of crime, and interviewing techniques of suspects and witnesses.

Concretely, EPIM undertakes investigations on any case dealing with allegations of corruption, fraud, breach of trust, and intimidation that affect Montréal Island municipal governments, their public servants and elected officials.

Types of cases dealt by EPIM

  • Corruption or attempts at corrupting public servants or elected officials
  • Collusion or attempts at collusion
  • Fraud
  • Influence peddling
  • Breach of trust
  • Intimidation of public servants and/or elected officials in order to facilitate the awarding of a contract or a permit
  • Misuse of public funds or property or a gross mismanagement of contracts within the public sector
  • Counselling or directing a person to commit abovementioned wrongdoings.

EPIM investigation coordination is done in collaboration with UPAC. Therefore, to maximize joint efforts of various government authorities committed to fighting corruption, reporting and denunciation of citizens witnessing or victims of bribery are now received and analysed at the new UPAC Centre de gestion des signalements (CGS). You can contact CGS by phone at 1-844-541-UPAC (8722).

To communicate directly with EPIM, you can dial 514-280-EPIM (3746) or send an email to ‎

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