New drivers

Mandatory driving lessons

The rules apply to people who do not have and have never had a class-5 learner's licence or probationary licence.

The length of time people must keep their passenger vehicle learner's licence (class 5) is 12 months for everyone.

The reason is to make sure new drivers gain more driving experience with the presence and assistance of an instructor.

Probationary licence

Because of their lack of experience, all new drivers are at greater risk of getting involved in a collision in their first years of driving, no matter how old they are. Therefore the probationary licence is mandatory and in effect for 24 months for all new drivers.

5 steps to a class 5 driver's licence:

  1. Register for a driving course
  2. Obtain a learner's licence
  3. Pass the theoretical exam
  4. Pass the practical exam
  5. Obtain a probationary licence

Demerit point and alcohol

The learner's and probationary licences are subject to stricter regulations concerning demerit points and alcohol-impaired driving.

  • Holders of a learner's or probationary licence have a limit of 4 demerit points. Once this limit is passed, the licence is suspended for 3 months.
  • Holders of a learner's or probationary licence are considered to have committed an offence if they drive after consuming even a single drop of alcohol. For this breach of the Highway Safety Code, 4 demerit points are entered in the driver's record, and the licence is automatically suspended for 3 months. The Code also provides for a fine of $300 plus costs.

A driver found guilty of driving with a blood alcohol level of 80 mg/100 ml (0.08%) or more is also guilty of breaching the Criminal Code.

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