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Road Safety Campaigns

Lancement de la campagne piétons 2012

In the urban environment, the high number of users crowded together makes sharing the roads a never-ending challenge. In accidents that result in death or serious injury, pedestrians and cyclists often share the responsibility with drivers of motor vehicles.

User behaviour is the number-one cause of traffic accidents in Montréal. But it’s important to remember that pedestrians and cyclists are far more vulnerable when an accident occurs, which is why the SPVM has made their safety a priority.

During the campaign, SPVM officers will:

  • Increase the number of interventions and police controls

  • Promote awareness and accountability among road users with regard to adopting good behaviour, to reduce the number of pedestrian victims of traffic accidents, especially seniors

Piétons décédés ou gravement blessés

Piétons blessés

In 2011, one fewer pedestrian lost their life in a traffic accident. The number of pedestrians who were seriously injured declined by 10%, from 125 to 114. The number of pedestrians who suffered minor injuries rose slightly, however.

Statistically, pedestrians made up 47% of the victims of fatal traffic accidents in 2011. This year again, pedestrians 65 and over were at greatest risk, with 12 of the 18 victims, or 67%, being over 65.

In 2011, 61% of the pedestrians who died had contravened the Highway Safety Code.

Traffic accidents in Montréal

Driver distraction is the primary cause of traffic accidents, whether it stems from an object or situation that attracts the driver’s attention or using a cell phone at the wheel. Pedestrians also endanger their own safety by crossing between intersections without ensuring they can make it safely to the other side, for example, or failing to obey traffic signals when crossing at a corner. 

4 main causes of accidents in Montréal

Main causes of traffic accidents % Rank
Inattention, distraction 33% 1
Failure to yield right-of-way 11% 2
Failure to stop at a red light 9% 3
Other negligent behaviours 6% 4

Accidents involving heavy vehicles in  Montréal

Fatalities 2009 2010 2011
Pedestrian fatalities 4 5 7
Cyclist fatalities 0 2 1
Total 4 7 8

In 2011, pedestrian or cyclist fatalities in accidents involving heavy vehicles accounted for 20% of traffic fatalities in Montréal.

Main infractions commited by drivers

Main infractions commited by pedestrians

The general active transportation campaign runs from April 30 to November 25, 2012, and addresses pedestrians as well as cyclists and drivers. Everyone is strongly urged to be attentive on the roads, to obey traffic signals and bylaws, and to yield right-of-way. 

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Communiqué - La sécurité des piétons et des cyclistes, une priorité au SPVM

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