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Administrative integrity - EPIM

EPIM mandate

The SPVM’s Escouade de protection de l’intégrité municipale (EPIM) has the mandate to protect the administrative integrity of the Ville de Montréal, in particular with regard to the municipal tendering process.

Working closely with authorities already in place, this squad will also introduce prevention and detection mechanisms for schemes and ploys that sully the contract tendering process. The squad members will also work on the ground and will have the power to investigate sector stakeholders and city representatives.

The EPIM’s mandate is an inherent component of the SPVM’s mission, which includes fighting crime.

Creation of the EPIM

In January 2013, the Mayor of Montréal announced the creation of the EPIM within the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal.

This is the first time in Canada that this type of squad has been created under the auspices of a municipal police service. 

The specialized team is made up of members of the SPVM police and civilian staff who have investigative expertise. To carry out its mandate, the EPIM will work with authorities already in place at the Ville de Montréal, as well as various public security partners and stakeholders. 



514-280-EPIM (3746)
Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

What type of information can I transmit to the EPIM?

The EPIM deals with information related to the administrative integrity of the Ville de Montréal, including the municipal contract tendering process.

As such, anyone may transmit to the EPIM any information that he or she feels demonstrates a wrongdoing that has been or may be committed. 

All information transmitted to the EPIM will be treated in complete confidentiality. Informers are not obliged to identify themselves or disclose any personal information.

Please note that anyone wishing to report a wrongdoing that took place outside of Montreal may do so by contacting UPAC at 1-888-541-UPAC (8422).

What is a wrongdoing?

A wrongdoing is:

  • a contravention of a provincial or federal law or of any other legal provision, if the contravention pertains to:
    • corruption 
    • collusion
    • fraud
    • influence peddling

In relations to, for example, awarding, obtaining or performing contracts granted, in the exercise of their functions, by a body or a person belonging to the public sector;

  • a misuse of public funds or property or a gross mismanagement of contracts within the public sector;
  • counselling or directing a person to commit a wrongdoing.

Action taken on reports

A reference number and a password will be assigned to all reports received. This information will allow informers to transmit additional information to the EPIM in the future if they so wish.

All information transmitted to the EPIM will be analyzed by an SPVM investigator to determine the appropriate action to take.

Based on the analysis, the EPIM may launch a criminal investigation or submit a report to another existing authority.

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