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Role of the parking agent

agent de stationnementThe specialists in parking, commonly called Agents de stationnement (Parking Agents), patrol the streets of Montréal by car, bicycle and on foot.

The Parking Agents are often thought of as just ticket agents, but they have many more responsibilities. They help keep the roadways safe and sane!

Their role consists of:

  • Improving traffic flow:
    • by giving tickets to drivers that cause obstructions (parking or stopping in a reserved area, a dangerous place or a high traffic zone, etc);
    • by towing, when needed;
    • by pointing out any irregularity on the road network (defective traffic lights, ambiguous signage, etc)
  • Ensuring the respect of local parking and stopping by-laws, to ensure an availability of variable parking options for all road users:
    • in zones reserved for specific citizens (residents of the area, people with restricted mobility, etc);
    • in prohibited places (in front of entry ways, fire hydrants, etc);
    • in front of the access points to public buildings (hospitals, City Hall, public libraries, etc)
  • Carry out a follow-up to citizen complaints concerning regulation violations on the roadway.

Quite often, the Parking Agents, must play the part of first responder at traffic accidents or emergencies. Spread throughout the city, they witnesses many events and can communicate effectively with other emergency services.

Though they are white collar civil employees and not official police officers, the Parking Agents are vital members of the SPVM family.

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